Masterclass – EduKinema 3/2 13-15 med Ruben Östlund

Wednesday, February 3, 2016, 13.00-15.00

Ruben Östlund Master Class

Place: Gothenburg Film Studios, Polstjärnegatan 14,

Do you want to know how Ruben Östlund’s new feature film The Square will end?

”There is a persistent myth that you as a creator shall protect your ideas and hide it from others. I have always worked on the contrary way. During the process of a feature film, I try to talk about the project to as many people as possible. It is in the dialogue were I can spot what interests me. It is in the dialogue I learn how to express myself to make the ideas come clear.”

Alla är välkomna & det kostar inget! Obs i Studio3!!(Gothenburg Studios).

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